IMTS 2004 products: Baldor, GE Fanuc, Rexroth…

A smattering of expected IMTS 2004 developments follows, in motors and motion control, vision, CNC software, PLCs, and flow instrumentation.

By Control Engineering Staff July 22, 2004

A smattering of expected IMTS 2004 developments follows, in motors and motion control, vision, CNC software, PLCs, and flow instrumentation, from Baldor , GE Fanuc , Mitutoyo , Renishaw , Rexroth , and Universal Flow Monitors . The Sept. 8-15 IMTS show, held every two years, is at McCormick Place in Chicago. See related item, ” IMTS 2004: Manufacturing technology innovations, Sept. 8-15 .”

Baldor Electric products include servos, linear motors, drives, ac and dc motors, and high-efficiency motors, and efficiency calculators.

Servo motion controls : Baldor Electric Co . expects to introduce several new motion control products, including a family of servo motion controls with new MintMT Multi-Tasking software, operating 400% faster than prior models. Multi-Tasking integrates key functions of motion control, I/O handling, communications, networking, and operator interface. Models range from 5 to 54 Amps peak with 115/230-460 V ac input. Also at the show will be Baldor linear motors and controls, which deliver high peak forces with accelerations to 10 G, accuracy to 2.5 micrometers and repeatability to 1 micrometer. Baldor’s mini and micro inverter family includes Baldor’s common keypad language. Energy-efficient ac and dc motors will also be present, along with demonstrations of energy savings calculator and Web site.

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GE Fanuc aims to offer a “world” of improvements in availability, performance, and output quality with a diversity of products and services.

GE Fanuc offers Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) , to improve machine availability, performance, and output quality. GE Fanuc Automation Americas Inc. will showcase technologies and services designed to improve OEE at the IMTS Emerging Technology Center. GE Fanuc also will highlight iCell OEE Shop Floor Intelligence software, which provides drill-down intelligence at the machine line or cell level; it is said to be a key measuring tool for plant operations, offering connectivity to equipment and detailed reporting on OEE, helping manufacturers improve asset utilization by understanding shop-floor dynamics.

Manual Guide i shop-floor programming tools, and the latest maintenance and diagnostic features of the new Series 30i CNCs will demonstrate how manufacturing plants can improve machine availability with reduced set-up time and downtime.

GE Fanuc will demonstrate performance with five-axis and high-speed machining capabilities, retrofit solutions for existing machines, cycle time reduction by up to 40% with iAdapt adaptive control software, and additional demos highlighting machine optimization for improved performance.

Data collection and analysis represent the first step to quality through Six Sigma methodology. GE Fanuc’s iCell OEE Shop Floor Intelligence software will feature connectivity to several machines in other IMTS booths, showing powerful data collection, analysis and display capabilities. Quality-related demonstrations will also include turnkey probing, demonstrations of the latest GE Fanuc CNCs, and machine compensation functions to maintain the accuracy of older machines.

In a special automotive area, GE Fanuc will show:

  • A simulated dial index control system featuring new Series 30i CNC with 32 motors and eight spindle axes;

  • An assembly application suite based on Cimplicity Machine Edition software and a PACSystems RX3i programmable automation controller with a new motion control module;

  • An automotive body shop application featuring Cimplicity Machine Edition software with Ethernet I/O connections and a PACSystems RX7i;

  • Cimplicity Manager software, providing backup and restore funcations to CNCs and PLCs; and

  • GE Fanuc’s Proficy Plant Applications manufacturing execution system (MES) software, which enables plant managers to clearly see production processes.

Additionally, GE Fanuc will introduce the newest models in the Series 30i family of CNCs, including Series 31i and 32i CNCs, as well as 0i-C family of controls. Advanced servo technologies will also be shown.

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Lighting and software contribute to a five-fold increase in throughput in Mitutoyo Quick Vision Stream CNC vision system.

Mitutoyo America Corp. ’s Quick Vision Stream CNC vision systems measure “on-the-fly” for five-times faster throughput. Mitutoyo also introduces advanced CMM [coordinate measurement machine] system for full auto body applications and announces faster, more accurate Quick Vision Apex Series CNC video measuring systems. Quick Vision Stream system employs a progressive camera with stroboscopic illumination bundled with QVPak software to enable the machine to register measurements while the camera-head is traversing the workpiece. The result is a five-fold increase in throughput. QVPak software enables quick and easy programming of the non-stop mode via a sophisticated, intuitive GUI, and supports extended 3-D data processing. Various illumination/magnification subsystems match the application, such as molding of plastic or metal parts and PCB assembly.

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New 10, 11, and 12-bit Renishaw RM miniature rotary encoders combine non-contact, long-wearing rugged design with easy integration

Magnetic encoders beat optical: Renishaw 10, 11, and 12-bit RM miniature magnetic rotary encoders are said to provide a “tough guy” alternative to high-maintenance glass encoders. Industrial designs bring low-maintenance operation, high reliability, and application versatility. The encoders deliver high-resolution positioning (up to 4,096 count), over 9,000 rpm, and accuracy to 0.4°. Products include component, modular, and packaged shaft-style models. Outputs include low-cost absolute versions with parallel or serial data formats, as well as versions with incremental (1,024 ppr), analog, linear voltage, and linear current outputs. Operating temperatures are -25 to 125 °C (-12 to 195 °F). Models are available with sealing to IP68 for harsh environments, including immersion applications (pumps and gearboxes). Non-contact magnetic design eliminates moving parts. Power requirements are half or less than that of optical encoders. Linear voltage or current output versions can be used as panel switches, replacing potentiometers.

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Rexroth’s MTX is a PC-based CNC controller.

Rexroth ’s New IndraMotion MTX offers a high-performance CNC controller for cutting and forming machine tools. Initial results from introduction in Europe last year demonstrate “exceptional performance and significant potential for cycle-time reduction,” the company noted. Open architecture provides flexibility with software, sensors, and actuators. The controller works with current Microsoft operating systems; the .NET framework forms basis for a well-designed user-interface and an integrated engineering environment. Standardized PC technologies, such as OPC, ActiveX, and XML provide an integration path for additional software. Ethernet TCP/IP is available for communication with other components and systems. A uniform API offers standardized access to controller data for process optimization or integration of application-specific visualization or control features.

Numerical control and an integrated multi-tasking, IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC, share hardware and the Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system. The PLC executes 1,000 statements in 60re available for communication to other peripherals. MTX is said to be ideal for 3-D machining of complex workpieces on 5- and 6-axis machines in tool and moldmaking applications. It also is said to offer more flexibility and speed in combined lathe/milling applications, and on punches and nibblers.Bosch Rexroth Corp. products for machine-tool builders, include its Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies business unit.

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“Inexpensive” UFM CoolPoint flowmeter is designed to assure consistent flow of water, water-based machine coolant, and water/glycol coolant.

Universal Flow Monitors Inc. will present CoolPoint vortex-shedding flowmeter for monitoring flows in industrial applications. Repeatability is

Prices range from $350 to $700. UFM also will show a range of variable area and differential pressure flowmeters for monitoring cooling water, lubricating fluids, compressed air, and fast-response mass flow for clean gases. The company will share its IMTS 2004 booth with its Rocon LLC division, manufacturer of the only water shut-off valve that requires no power to operate.

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—Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief, Control Engineering,