In Control Engineering: Flowmeter product research

By Control Engineering Staff June 21, 2007

What flowmeters do Control Engineering readers use? In the June issue you can learn what your peers are using to solve flow control problems in their plants and on an OEM basis. Plus, you can see what’s new from a wide variety of equipment suppliers. Here is a special extra with a group of products that is only available online.

Variable area, flexible mounting flowmeters for water metering

Series LFM in-line or panel mount flowmeters from Dwyer Instruments Inc . are molded from various plastic materials for a multitude of water metering applications. Sizes range from 2-in. scale units with ranges to 5 gpm to 5.5-in. scale models with ranges to 70 gpm. Dual scales in both gpm and lpm of water are easily visible on the clear molded plastic body. Device has 316 stainless steel floats for accuracies ofDwyer Instruments Inc.

Insertion turbine flowmeter

Turbo-Bar from Emco Flow is said to bring convenience to measuring liquid, gas, and steam accurately. With optional transmitter, it measures pressure, temperature, and volumetric flow from one insertion point. Output can include mass, energy, and condensate energy totals and rates through the flow processor. Accuracy isto 750 °F. Low-mass, low-drag flywheels minimize wear and calibration drift; device can measure low-flow, increasing the turn-down ratio. Six interchangeable rotors expand the span of flow rates and conditions measured with one meter. Limited intrusion to flow and cost effectiveness in large pipes reportedly make the product an economical measuring device. Emco Flow

Flow transmitter design limits power consumption

MR flow transmitter from Hedland Div. of Racine Federated recently received a U.S. patent for a design that conserves power by systematically activating only portions of its anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) array electronics. MR transmitter does not power all sensors at once. The microprocessor selects and reads the output voltage of seven AMR sensors, one at a time, until the entire array of sensors have been read. This voltage is routed through a multiplexing circuit and then into an instrumentation amplifier. The signal is amplified, passed through a low pass filter, then input to the A/D converter built into the microprocessor. Based on the readings, the microprocessor determines the absolute position of the magnet inside the flowmeter, calculates the flow rate based on user selectable setup scaling parameters, and displays it on the LCD. The unit can also calculate and display total accumulated flow.Hedland, a Div. of Racine Federated Inc.

Differential pressure flowmeter approved for methane gas

Wafer-Cone flowmeter from McCrometer conforms to API 22.2 Testing Protocol for differential pressure flowmeters and is approved by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management for use in coal-bed methane gas applications. Space-saving model is easy to install and requires almost no maintenance. It is designed for liquid or gas service in line sizes from 0.5 to 6-in. Applications range from chemical injection or filtering in process lines to general plant needs, such as lines for natural gas, chilled water supporting burners or ovens, cooling systems, HVAC, and more. DP flow sensor features built-in flow conditioning for an accuracy of 0.5% with a repeatability of +0.1%. Device operates over a flow range of 10:1.McCrometer Inc.

Viscosity-insensitive flowmeters for lubrication oils

L Series flowmeters from Universal Flow Monitors are viscosity-insensitive for accurate delivery of circulating lubrication oil to bearings in machining, mining, and steelmaking applications. Piston-style devices maintainand respond immediately if flow goes too low. Meters are Type 4 weatherproof units with wetted parts of aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and Viton fluorocarbon elastomer. Easy to install, operate, and maintain, they mount in any orientation with no straight pipe runs required, and they have CSA and CE ratings. NIST traceable calibration is available.Universal Flow Monitors Inc.

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