Increased efficiency and productivity through the IoTSP

Internet of Things, services, and people (IoTSP) is delivering tangible results, according to Greg Scheu, president, ABB Americas, and Peter Terwiesch, president, ABB Process Automation, at the 20th Annual ARC Industry Forum on Feb. 8, in Orlando.

By CFE Media February 17, 2016

The Internet of Things, services, and people (IoTSP) is bringing tangible benefits in multiple industries, explained Greg Scheu, president, ABB Americas, and Peter Terwiesch, president, ABB Process Automation, at the 20th Annual ARC Industry Forum on Feb. 8 in Orlando.

Scheu opened the presentation with a brief company overview since its inception in 1883 and some of the products the company has provided, such as gearless motor drives, turbochargers, industrial robots, extended control systems, and variable speed motor drives. Scheu said ABB offers power and automation, which account for 40% and 60% of company revenue respectively. 

Terwiesch discussed ABB’s initiative on delivering the IoTSP. He gave a brief overview of the prior industrial revolutions and the progression to Industrie 4.0: 

  • Industry 1.0 — 1712: Mechanical production powered by steam in England
  • Industry 2.0 — 1870: Assembly lines powered by electricity in 1870.
  • Industry 3.0 — 1969: Electronics and software-based control powering automation 
  • Industrie 4.0 — Today: The IoT connecting things, services, and people.

Terwiesch also discussed a growing shift in automation as industrial products become smaller while still delivering increased productivity. Key drivers include affordable sensors, increased computing power, and more sophisticated software algorithms that can process data in new ways. The benefits, he said, include higher uptime and product quality while increasing safety from a worker and process standpoint.

Terwiesch also discussed the plant of the future involving IoTSP and what this means for information technology/operational technology (IT/OT) integration. Whether its infrastructure, industry, transportation, or the home, everything will become more integrated and more connected with one another. Terwiesch used several examples from ABB’s recent operations involving the IoTSP including a mine facility in Sweden, a paper mill in Brazil, and a plant in Ohio. 

He also emphasized focusing on customer outcomes by improving operations, maintaining assets, and transforming projects to increase efficiency and improve worker safety as a whole.

Terwiesch said balancing connections among things, services and people will add value beyond IoT only. He cited benefits to mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, and other applications. "It’s a great time to be in automation. Create it." 

– Edited by Chris Vavra, production editor, CFE Media,, from an ABB press release with additional information from Mark T. Hoske, content manager, Control Engineering,

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