Indexing drive nut provides linear motion in machine design

Amacoil's Model RS drive nut provides smooth backlash-free linear motion in machine design and are designed for material handling machines and other measurement devices.

By Amacoil January 26, 2015

The RS linear drive by Amacoil operates on the rolling ring linear motion principle. The inner race of each rolling ring bearing inside the nut is specially machined. Each bearing is installed under pressure and contacts the shaft at a single point only. When the shaft is rotated, the rotary motion input is immediately converted into linear output as a result of the friction created. The point contact between the rolling ring bearing and the shaft assures there is no play or backlash during movement of the drive nut. Its shaft rotational speeds may be up to 10,000 rpm depending on the size of the drive. Linear travel speed ranges from 0.5 ft/sec up to 4.0 ft/sec. RS drive nuts can be used in material handling machines, winding equipment, test and measurement devices, parts transfer systems, packaging machines and other production, converting and finishing equipment. 


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