Inductors have low core loss, no thermal aging

By Control Engineering Staff December 1, 2005

Low-cost PG0322NL power cube inductor series package height of 9.5 mm is said to be optimal for under the processor heat sink.

Pulse , a Technitrol Co., (electronic- and magnetic-based component manufacturer), offers a new through-hole, shielded, shaped-core power inductors. PG0322NL series is said to be ideal for voltage regulator modules (VRMs), dc/dc converters, and point-of-load applications.

They have a heating current rating of 32-60 amperes (A) and current saturation capability, 30-50 A, for high current, multi-phase buck converter application. With an operating range of -40 to 130 °C, it is said to offer enough margin for thermal de-rating, especially for high-ambient-temperature applications. It has a wide open circuit inductance (OCL), 0.28-1.20s of ±15% and ±8%, respectively, allowing for more accurate current sensing in systems using the inductor as the current sensing element.

Compact 14.5 x 14.5-mm footprint minimizes board space. The inductors are RoHS compliant and meet the EIA 481 standard. Prices average $0.18 per unit for 100,000. Click here to read the Pulse PDF datasheet P642.

—Edited by Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief, Control Engineering