Industrial control system designed for simplicity, scalability, and security

Product Exclusive: Bedrock Automation’s industrial control system is an open automation platform that features universal software-defined input/output (I/O) and digital power supply as well as an electromagnetic backplane and embedded cyber defense features.

By Bedrock Automation June 11, 2015

Bedrock Automation’s modern industrial control system is an open automation platform that is designed to be simple, scalable, and secure for users.

Simple: Universal software-defined I/O, a single universal digital power supply, and one controller for every control application and size, providing unified automation solutions with just a handful of part numbers. It is an open automation platform that runs Bedrock’s Integrated Development Environment supporting IEC 61131 control languages with an embedded OPC unified architecture (UA) server.

Scalable: A unified automation architecture with unlimited scalability from tens to tens of thousands of I/Os with a deterministic ultra-fast I/O scan time that is independent of I/O count. The electromagnetic backplane digitally couples dual power and control with single, dual, or triple modular I/O.

Secure: The Bedrock Automation Black Fabric Cybershield is an embedded deep-trust cyber defense using patented processor, memory, communications, interconnections, backplane, and packaging technologies to integrate cyber security into every module at birth. Embedded deep trust also means cyber security comes at no compromise to performance or complexity of ownership. Black Fabric Cybershield works transparently and instantly upon startup to manage transistor-level authentication and cryptography to protect the Bedrock hardware, firmware, software, and application transactions of the secure I/O, power, control, and communication modules throughout their application lifecycle.

Bedrock Automation 

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