Industrial networking manufacturer changes company name, adds global partner ecosystem

B&B Electronics has changed its company name to B+B SmartWorx to reflect a continued investment in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and has launched its Connected Intelligence Global Partner Ecosystem for the IoT landscape.

By B+B Smartworx January 20, 2015

B&B Electronics has changed its company name to B+B SmartWorx to reflect a continued investment in technologies used for the Internet of Things (IoT). The company plans to continue to develop what it calls mission-critical network connectivity technology, with the Connected Intelligence Global Partner Ecosystem for remote or demanding environments for the IoT landscape.

"IoT technologies have inserted more intelligence, and complexity, into the M2M conversation," said Jerry O’Gorman, CEO of B+B SmartWorx. (M2M is machine-to-machine communications.) "While companies desire the improved data analytics the IoT brings, many are stopping short of adoption due to the complexity of integrating existing assets into the IoT vision. For several years B+B has been engineering solutions to bring existing equipment into the IoT conversation, and hence transitioning from connectivity technology to technology for connected intelligence, so the old B&B Electronics image didn’t fit us anymore."

The focus on the intelligence in the connectivity piece has also led B+B to invest in software engineering expertise at all of its global locations, including a new team in Galway, Ireland.

The Connected Intelligence Global Partner Ecosystem is designed to enable complementary partner companies to make intelligent connections with each other, combine expertise, and build effective IoT applications for end customers in the demanding, nonconsumer IoT space.

Mike Fahrion, director of IoT and edge intelligence product development at B+B SmartWorx, explained that B+B created the ecosystem to combine complementary partners under a virtual roof to facilitate IoT applications. From assets to analytics starting at the network edge, the ecosystem is designed to create intelligent networks that can collect, manage, and analyze the data generated by billions of sensors, he suggested. This, in turn, transforms that data into actionable intelligence that allows companies make predictions and prescribe actions to cut costs, increase productivity, or increase revenue, the company said.

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