Industrial networking testing and certification guide released

A comprehensive guide for PROFINET product testing and certification for device manufacturers has been released by PI North America.

By PI North America March 10, 2021

PI North America introduced a comprehensive guide for PROFINET Product Testing and Certification. The guide is aimed toward device manufacturers and solution providers looking to implement PROFINET in devices, controllers, or machines. Device manufacturers will learn how testing and certification work, how to prepare for testing and how to get a product certified. The guide also contains suggestions and resources to complete the certification process with ease.

PI North America collaborated with the PROFI Interface Center (PIC), a PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI) accredited Test Lab located in North America, to produce this comprehensive resource.

“Over the last few months, we’ve seen a surge in demand from device manufacturers seeking to certify their PROFINET-enabled products. The creation of the PROFINET Product Testing and Certification Guide is a direct result of this. As more automation component suppliers join our ranks, it is imperative we streamline the certification process for them. Together with the guide, we encourage vendors to reach out to us to obtain expert support and resources for the entire product development process,” said Michael Bowne, executive director at PI North America in a press release.

– Edited from a PI North America press release by CFE Media. PI North America is a CFE Media content partner.