Industrial Wireless Applications: Who’s doing what today?

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By Control Engineering Staff April 15, 2008

Industrial wireless applications are so new, it’s hard to find people with experience to provide advice. If your company has installed or is considering wireline or wireless networking infrastructure products for industrial operation/facility use, you can help Control Engineering and Venture Development Corp. (VDC), an independent market research firm, gain some valuable knowledge — and get some value for yourself in the process.

If you specify or will specify any of the following,

  • Networking Components: access points, bridges, console servers, device servers, fiber optic transceivers, gateways, hubs, modems, multiplexers, repeaters, routers, switches, transceivers

  • Interconnect Products : connectors, cable & cord sets, distribution boxes

  • Antennas for wireless networking components

  • Network Management Software

All who compete the survey will receive a

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–Renee Robbins, senior editor
Control Engineering News Desk
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