Industrial wireless: Podcast with Honeywell’s Jeff Becker on SP100 wireless

HPS argues: Hold out for more versatile wireless standard.

By Control Engineering Staff March 20, 2008

While the tide of the WirelessHART standard advances, Honeywell Process Solutions is rowing against the current and calling for process users to do the same and hold out for something better. Jeff Becker, director of HPS’ global wireless business explains why. ( )

Eighteen months ago or so, the two main combatants in the wireless wars were Emerson and Honeywell. As technologies developed, Emerson and a variety of other instrumentation makers turned more toward WirelessHART. Honeywell turned toward SP100 and has helped shape that effort. The two are advancing significantly different technologies.

Honeywell contends that SP100 promises to be a much more comprehensive approach, offering functionality well beyond HART’s single protocol. Becker explains this in greater detail in a conversation with Peter Welander, process industries editor.

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—Peter Welander, process industries editor, ,
Process Instrumentation & Sensors Monthly

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