Information management, gas pipeline control systems expanding

By Control Engineering Staff September 6, 2005

Calgary, AB, Canada — Energía Mayakán consortium has tapped Telvent to expand information management and pipeline control systems for its Phase II gas pipeline development project in Mexico. Energía Mayakán’s 700 km gas distribution pipeline transports natural gas from Ciudad Pemex in Tabasco to industrial customers in the Yucatan Peninsula. Telvent , a global real-time IT company, specializes in value-added solutions to several industrial sectors.

The consortium is expanding its pipeline system by adding a second compressor station and a delivery station in Valladolid. Telvent will install addition monitoring and control stations and upgrade a third-party leak detection model and the satellite communications it delivered during Phase I of the project in 1999.

Telvent technology was selected for the original system based on the customer’s need for a “fully functional, field-proven solution that encompassed state-of-the-art technology, and which could be expanded as future requirements dictated,” said Manuel Sánchez Ortega, Telvent chairman and chief executive officer. “The increased system capacity will help Energía Mayakán meet increasing demand for energy with an uninterrupted and secure supply,” he added.

The pipeline was the first in Mexico to be privately constructed, financed, and operated. The Telvent system monitors and controls gas flow and transmits data to the main control center and adjacent processing plant. Telvent’s modular OASys SCADA system will meet the project’s upgrade requirements to expand system reach, re-assign control at its various stations, integrate with the leak detection model, and add a new, dual-redundant satellite communications infrastructure. The company will also install an operational back-up site, which can assume control over the entire system when necessary.

—Control Engineering Daily News DeskJeanine Katzel, senior editor