Innovation Insight 2009: Award winners tackle key industry problems

Many of the 11 winners of MBT's annual Innovation Insight awards competition tackle the problem of getting more innovative products to market faster.See what some of the best and brightest are doing.
By Sidney Hill, Jr., Executive Editor August 24, 2009

Getting more innovative products to market faster is often at the top of manufacturing executives’ minds. And this theme permeated the entries for the 2009 Manufacturing Business Technology Innovation Insight Awards.

"Intensely competitive" is the best way to describe this year’s selection process, and virtually every entry was worthy of some form of recognition.In the end, however, our judging panel selected the products and projects that were most reflective of MBT’s ongoing mission: explaining how technology can be used to solve real business problems.

Awards were given in three categories, reflecting the products and processes that best reflected innovative thinking, and practical application. See my Viewpoint article for a summary, or use the links below to go directly to each article about our award winners. Then let their innovative thinking inspire your own.

2009 Innovation Insight logo

2009 Innovation Insight Award Winners

Most Innovative Product by a Manufacturer
> Celsis Rapid Detection , first place
> Siphon Flush , second place
> Ponderosa Roasting , third place

Most Innovative Product by a Vendor

> PTC , first place
> Siemens PLM Software , second place
> Infor, third place
> Right Hemisphere , fourth place

Most Innovative Process

> Rolls Royce Energy Systems Inc ., first place
> SAB Miller RUS , second place
> Parsec Automation , third place
> Zilliant , fourth place