Integration: InFusion real-time condition data available to more HMIs

Invensys demonstrated version 2.2 of InFusion Condition Manager at its Avantis User Group Academy conference.

By Control Engineering Staff September 13, 2007

Invensys demonstrated version 2.2 of InFusion Condition Manager at its Avantis User Group Academy conference in Denver, Sept. 10-12. The product collects real-time condition data from a broad range of plant data sources, analyzes and contextualizes the data, and then triggers and manages the appropriate operations, engineering, or maintenance actions. The new version expands data visualization options.

Unlike solutions that tend to focus on basic monitoring of field devices and/or rotating equipment, InFusion Condition Manager collects, aggregates, and analyzes real-time data from plant production assets, including (but not limited to) sensors and actuators, pumps, motors, compressors, turbines, dryers, heat exchangers, and entire process units. The software interoperates with Invensys and third-party applications supported through the InFusion application environment.computerized maintenance management systems.

InFusion Condition Manager also feeds data to different plant historian packages to allow the data and actions to be historized and made available to other plant and enterprise systems. To more easily facilitate bulk deployment throughout industrial plants with a large number and diversity of production assets, the enhanced version offers improved template capabilities that save time and drive best practices.

“Our InFusion Condition Manager provides a powerful toolset that can enable industrial plants to avoid unnecessary maintenance and downtime via predictive, reliability-centered maintenance and operations to help improve overall asset performance management,” said Isauro Martinez-Cairo, director of Avantis product strategy at Invensys Process Systems.

—Edited by Renee Robbins , Editorial Director, Control Engineering

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