Invensys’ Inspection Accelerator reduces defects in continuous web, sheet manufacturing

By Control Engineering Staff September 3, 2002

Foxboro, MA— To reduce defects in plastics, paper, metals, glass and none-woven material production and enhance productivity in continuous web and sheet manufacturing, Invensys Manufacturing Solutions , a unit of Invensys plc, released Aug. 26 its Invensys Inspection Accel-erator application.

Invensys reports its new solution is a real-time, in-process, plant-floor inspection system designed to accelerate material processing and lower cost-to-manufacture. It offers easy configuration for rapid deployment and interoperability with other Invensys solutions, such as Wonderware’s applications for manufacturing execution software (MES) and statistical quality control.

Invensys Inspection Accelerator’s inspection techniques enable comprehensive defect detection, yielding reductions in downstream operation disruptions. It offers high-speed image capturing, processing and analysis for defect and anomaly detection. The application also features classification, visualization, enunciation, tracking and marking for unpatterned continuous sheet and web materials. It’s also designed for a variety of applications, including plastics, paper, metals, glass and non-woven materials manufacturing and converting industries and offers a range of detection, classification and reporting capabilities.

The system provides a high degree of application flexibility in a turnkey system format, though it isn’t limited to specific sensor, illumination or processing techniques. It inspects web speeds of more than 3,000 feet per minute; web widths more than 30 feet; and defect resolutions of less than 0.5 millimeter. Invensys Inspection Accelerator offers the following supply chain enhancements: process tuning; shipping optimization; reduced internal scrap; improved throughput; and decreased field return.

‘This production tool significantly improves quality, reduces scrap, and enhances overall productivity,’ says Dave Westrom, Invensys manufacturing Solutions’ senior vp and gm. ‘It also eliminates or reduces product downgrades and rework in downstream operations.’

In addition, Invensys Inspection Accelerator is compatible with the new Invensys ArchestrA technology platform. ArchestrA enables customers to extend and improve the value of their automation, information and human assets by unifying multiple vendor offerings and systems.

Control Engineering Daily News Desk
Jim Montague, news editor