Invensys Operations Management selects PAS Integrity Software for project delivery

Integrity software platform assists with documentation creation, configuration changes, and troubleshooting.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff August 8, 2009

Invensys Operations Management, a provider of technology systems, software, and consulting services to process and manufacturing industries, has reached an agreement with PAS to use PAS’ Integrity Automation Genome Mapping software to facilitate automation system deliveries worldwide.

in the DNA of natural organisms. However, unlike natural organisms, automation genomes evolve daily and the DNA of one automation system often propagates to others through integration. The term Automation Genome describes the collective configurations within and among all automation systems in a plant.

PAS says its Integrity software improves engineering productivity through verification and creation of system documentation, tracking configuration changes, reducing troubleshooting time, and providing efficiency improvements to the process manufacturing industry. Invensys Operations Management says it selected Integrity because it enables improvements in automation system projects from initial build to factory- and site-acceptance testing. The software will be used by project teams within Invensys Operations Management’s delivery organization, enabling collaboration among multiple Invensys Operations Management teams.An extensive nine-month pilot was conducted by Invensys to prove the benefits before integrating the software into its project delivery organization. The company will begin to deploy the new solution immediately, and upon the completion of each project, will provide its customers the opportunity to use the software as their final, as-built system documentation.

Marty Kurowski, vice president of global strategic alliances for Invensys says, "The PAS Integrity software will help us to deliver higher-quality projects worldwide at reduced risk for our customers while improving our delivery and customer satisfaction."

PAS’ president Chris Lyden adds, "We are pleased to have Invensys Operations Management as a strategic partner and look forward to working with them to achieve the benefits that they have identified. Since the world’s leading process manufacturing companies rely on both Invensys Operations Management and PAS to provide them with technology and solutions that improve their safety and productivity, this partnership is a great benefit to our mutual customers as well."

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