Invensys Process Systems unveils Hextran 9.2 simulation software

Heat transfer and pinch analysis tool helps users be greener and gain energy efficiency.

By Control Engineering Staff April 1, 2009

Invensys Process Systems (IPS) has released the newest version of SimSci-Esscor’s Hextran software, a comprehensive heat transfer and pinch analysis tool. The new version incorporates infrastructure upgrades and enhancements that address the needs of clients seeking cost-effective and efficient heat transfer. Hextran 9.2 can now be used on Microsoft Vista Enterprise & Business operating systems, and IPS has also created an updated install procedure and support for Microsoft Office 2007.

“Our simulation software is easier to use, more accurate, and more stable, and its features will enable our clients to evaluate complex design, operational, and retrofit situations,” says Joseph McMullen, product manager for IPS. “Regardless of the industry, the latest version of Hextran will help our clients become greener by improving heat transfer and energy efficiency while also improving product yield and quality.”

IPS says the simulator is the core heat transfer technology for the its common modeling environment. It enables users to evaluate complex design, operation, and retrofit situations. It also assists in designing new systems for maximum efficiency, including identifying problems before they occur.

The Hextran 9.2 infrastructure has been improved and includes an enhanced error-logging module and an upgraded object store system. These advancements allow customers to continue to use the platform’s targeting, synthesis, design, rating, and optimization technologies, along with comprehensive thermodynamic and physical property data banks that IPS says have become industry standards. Additionally, new enhancements allow stream data to be passed directly from the company’s PRO/II simulation software.

The new integration with Microsoft Vista Enterprise & Business operating systems and support for Microsoft Office 2007 means that users can integrate simulation and modeling functionality more easily with other enterprise applications.

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