IR thermometer with variable target focus

By Control Engineering Staff January 24, 2006

Marathon MM Series of infrared (IR) thermometers from Raytek Corp. now comes with an optional motorized, remote-controlled variable target focus capability.

Santa Cruz, CA —Marathon MM Series infrared (IR) thermometer from Raytek Corp . has been enhanced with optional motorized, remote-controlled variable target focus capability. High-performance IR sensor platform provides flexibility for target focusing in a wide range of industrial temperature measurement applications.Focus of measurement targets can be adjusted by pushbutton at the rear of the instrument or remotely through an RS-232/RS-485 PC connection. Adjustments can be viewed in real-time through video. Users can select either standard fixed-focus sensors or the new variable focus option. Both have a focus range between 200 mm and 2.2 m (8 in. and 7 ft). Close-focus sensors are also available with fixed optics enabling targets as small as 5 mm (0.02 in.) to be measured from a distance of 150 mm (6 in.).Platform covers a temperature range of–40 to 3,000 °C (-40 to 5,432 °F) and consists of five models each with a specific wavelength and temperature range appropriate for either low or high-temperature production monitoring. Installation hardware of all sensors is identical. Devices include Raytek DataTemp Multidrop software for simple and consistent installation, configuration, and data capture. Device is suited for large, multiple sensor installations where sensors are periodically replaced or distance to the measurement object changes. Applications include steel and metals processing; glass bending, forming, tempering, annealing, and sealing; paper processing; plastics processing and thermoforming; and semiconductor processing.

—Control Engineering Daily News DeskJeanine Katzel, senior editor,