ISA Expo ’05: Horiba offers compliant sampling system

By Control Engineering Staff October 26, 2005

Horiba Instruments Inc. ’s MU-1000N spectrometer has a NeSSI ISA/ANSI SP76.00.02-compliant modular sample conditioning system. (MU-1000N is a UV/VIS/SWNIR diode array spectrometer that measures a wide variety of components such as SO2, CL2, NH3, H2S, N2O, and mercaptans, in a gas or liquid stream.) Sampling system components for stream selection, pressure, and flow indication are mounted on a common “pegboard” with substrate fittings developed for complex flow control applications.

Having flow paths on one plane reduces “footprint” size as much as 75%, when compared to conventional tubing fittings and components, Horiba says. This eases maintenance and reduces panel space, internal fitting volume, and sample purge times. Components for water applications like pH and conductivity are available.

The spectrometer does multi-component in-situ or online analysis by using reliable array detector and light source technologies. It provides high reproducibility and accuracy in process measurements, and a user-friendly interface. A variety of flow cells and probes with different optical paths and materials of construction are available. The MU-1000N is said to be ideal for demanding process applications.

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—Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering ,