ISA Expo 2004: Iconics releases real-time, data-mining software

Houston, TX—Iconics released its new BridgeWorX Version 8 software on the first day of ISA Expo 2004, Oct. 5-7, at the Reliant Center.

By Control Engineering Staff October 5, 2004

Houston, TX— Iconics released its new BridgeWorX Version 8 software on the first day of ISA Expo 2004 , Oct. 5-7, at the Reliant Center. Iconics produces web-enabled, OPC-based HMI/SCADA and manufacturing intelligence visualization software for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

BridgeWorX is a graphical, enterprise data-bridging software for Iconics’ BizViz manufacturing intelligence software suite. The company says BridgeWorX is easy-to-use, reliable software for connecting real-time data sources to any enterprise data source. With the software’s graphical transaction editor, users can create applications that move information between the plant-floor and the enterprise.

‘BridgeWorX is a shrink-wrapped, out-of-the-box product designed from the ground up on Microsoft .NET technologies,’ says Russ Agrusa, Iconics’ president and CEO. ‘BridgeWorX incorporates revolutionary data-mining and integration technology, which allows data-bridging of any real-time or enterprise data source, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, plant historians, OPC real-time data and more.’

The firm adds that BridgeWorX is the ideal data-integration tool for manufacturing in-telligence, and that connecting real-time to corporate data sources is fast, efficient and easy to configure. BridgeWorX reportedly offers the most advanced data-integration and interface-management tool available today, taking maximum advantage of Microsoft’s most powerful technologies.

Iconics adds that the engineering costs associated with custom development are reduced with BridgeWorX. With its graphical function block configuration capability, BridgeWorX requires little coding or scripting, which reduces costs associated with bridging the factory floor from real-time systems to the corporate enterprise.

BridgeWorX is based on .NET technology, and eliminates the need for database specialists, which saves on operation and IT support costs. BridgeWorX is designed as a stand-alone product that can be integrated with any HMI/SCADA, Control, MES or Visual Basic application. Built-in security and data-mining technology provides seamless integration with any IT infrastructure. Event logging and native performance monitoring with tools for analysis, debugging and performance optimization are standard with BridgeWorX.

Control Engineering Daily News DeskJim Montague, news