ISA TECH/97 Highlights From Anaheim, Calif., Day Three

By Control Engineering Staff October 9, 1997

OPC on the ISA TECH/97 Floor

OLE for Process Control (OPC) was demonstrated on the floor at ISA TECH/97. Based on Microsoft’s component object model technology, OPC allows components in a networked system to share process data. The Microsoft and OPC booths demonstrated the interoperability of products from 16 foundation members.

The booth demonstrations show real-time data flowing between hardware such as programmable logic controllers and distributed I/O from various manufacturers to human-machine interface and supervisory control and data acquisition software systems over Ethernet using TCP/IP. New Innovators Center Highlights New Technology

A new feature at ISA TECH/97 is the Innovators Center. Designed to showcase cutting-edge technologies and applications for measurement and control users, the Innovators Center includes multimedia demonstrations of new products and scheduled technical presentations by the participating companies. The Innovators Center included products from 28 companies that were selected by a panel of users.

Special awards for noteworthy displays went to five participating companies.

President’s Award:
Datanet Quality Systems WinSPC software

Honorable Mentions:
Honeywell Analytical
Honeywell PlantScape
PCSoft International WizNet
Sun Microsystems Automation API

Yokogawa Delivers New Integrated Enterprise Technology Solutions

Emphasizing a strong commitment to the increasing requirements of global process industry customers, Yokogawa announced its new Enterprise Technology Solution (ETS) strategy.

ETS provides users with flexible production management and control solutions including distributed control systems, safety management systems, and software packages for production management, support, execution, and planning. Part of the new strategy includes the newly released, Windows NT-based desktop CS 1000 system geared toward small-to-mid-size applications.

Representatives from Yokogawa announced several key alliances and acquisitions as part of ETS including:

An alliance for Measurementation Inc. to develop a technical support center in Houston to engineer applications and design Yokogawa’s gas chromatograph column systems for customers in the United States and provide technical assistance to process analyzer customers in North and South America.

The acquisition of GTI-IA (Apeldoorn, the Netherlands) to provide safeguard systems for petroleum refineries and chemical and petrochemical plants. The company will be called Yokogawa Industrial Safety Systems B.V.

An agreement with Aspen Technology Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.) to use its multi-variable predictive control and process database software packages with Yokogawa’s CENTUM CS control system.

The acquisition of Marex Technology Ltd., a British company specializing in plant information systems for oil refineries and chemical and petrochemical plants.

Walter Steward, senior vice president of Yokogawa Industrial Automation America, emphasized their commitment to the North American market, explaining that the company is investing $25 million in U.S. expansion, particularly in manufacturing and staffing.

New Products at the Show

Ultrasonic Flowmeter Includes Diagnostics

The Multisonic V flowmeter from Krohne is built for liquid custody transfer applications in petroleum pipelines. It uses a conical input section to optimize the flow profile of liquid entering the measuring area and uses pairs of ultrasonic sensors at different positions to picture the flow profile. Diagnostics are included to monitor meter performance and notify operators of abnormalities.

Multisonic V meters are available in sizes from 4-24′ and are designed to operate with liquids with densities of 490-1200 kg/m3. Contact Krohne America Inc.

IEC-1131-compatible Software Incorporates Object Technology

OpenControl version 4.2 from NemaSoft uses component object technology for machine control in an IEC-1131-compatible environment. Additions in the OpenControl Development Framework include flowchart modification audit trail, project statistics, detailed event logging, and retentive memory card status. Additions in the OpenControl Monitor include enhancements to the flowchart profiler and logging of retentive memory in case of battery failure. NemaSoft

Wireless Data Networking Router Incorporates Advanced Networking Features

The Mavric Explorer from Metric Systems Corp. provides networking capabilities beyond those of typical radio modems and transceivers. It supports up to six serial TCP/IP SLIP ports, dedicated point-to-point or multipoint circuit ports, two Ethernet interfaces, static and dynamic network routing, and automatic fault-tolerant link recovery.

Packaged in a shock-resistant, stainless-steel enclosure, the Mavric Explorer offers options supporting embedded GPS and test and measurement analysis capabilities. Metric Systems Corporation