K-Tek, ASI partner to provide point-level measurement for dry bulk solids

Prairieville, LA; Houston, TX—K-Tek has formed a partnership with ASI Instruments to focus on detection and measurement of dry bulk solids.

By Control Engineering Staff September 7, 2004

Prairieville, LA; Houston, TX— K-Tek has formed a partnership with ASI Instruments to focus on detection and measurement of dry bulk solids. K-Tek and ASI will collaborate on technology development, as well as sales and distribution.

K-Tek’s primary expertise is in liquid level measurement instrumentation. ASI specializes in dry bulk solids level measurement solutions in grain processing and milling, plastics manufacturing, aggregates, building materials, and food production applications.

“Combining K-Tek’s expertise in laser and guided wave radar technologies with ASI’s focus on dry bulk solids provides the industry with the broadest range of innovative level measurement solutions,’ says Rao Sanampudi, K-Tek’s COO. ‘Regardless of the product density or angle of repose, these sophisticated level instruments provide accurate and reliable measurements with pressures to 3,000 psi and temperatures to 450 °F. This means bulk solids manufacturers can choose exactly the right measurement device for their particular application, from low cost RF capacitance transmitters to pinpoint precision laser devices.’

ASI reports that its partnership is helping it offer a complete range of dry level measurement products, including rotary paddle switches, vibrating fork switches, plumb bobs, RF capacitance switches and transmitters, ultrasonic transmitters, laser transmitters, and guided wave radar devices. The company says its existing line of RF capacitance transmitters are designed for highly sensitive level applications, and are able to detect differences in capacitance as small as 1.0 pF. This is especially important for measuring materials with low dielectric, such as dry polyethylene pellets. Using a unique probe technology, ASI’s capacitance devices are immune to conductive coating and buildup.

ASI adds that it’s the only dry level measurement company that also offers a broad line of laser transmitters. The advanced timing system and sophisticated, self-correcting signal processing functions allow accurate and reliable measurement of level, distance, and position in the harshest of conditions. Even in the presence of dust or vapors, which are commonly found in large silos of coal, grain, or plastics, and in underground mines or quarries, ASI’s laser devices provide accurate, long-distance laser measurements with no beam divergence (less than 0.2š).

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Jim Montague, news editor