Kubotek and SolidWorks partner for CAD interoperability

By Control Engineering Staff November 10, 2005

Kubotek , supplier of KeyCreator (formerly CadKey) design and manufacturing software, has joined the SolidWorks Solution Partner program. The partnership supports Kubotek’s focus on providing solutions that ease CAD interoperability, allowing designers and engineers to share product data and models.

“The reuse of data and model components from existing CAD files is a widely accepted practice, but our recent interoperability survey showed that only 6% of engineers receive files in their preferred format,” said Bill DeAngelis, Americas sales manager, Kubotek USA.

According to Kubotek, KeyCreator’s geometric architecture is optimized to work with various CAD models, integrating them into a single CAD environment. It reads files from other CAD tools available on the market and provides the geometric editing capabilities designers need to repair and modify those models for use in a SolidWorks design environment.

Like many manufacturers, Anderson Power Products of Sterling, MA, a designer and manufacturer of high power interconnects and accessories, is a multi-CAD environment. At Anderson, the design engineering team works primarily in SolidWorks, while the manufacturing engineers use KeyCreator. The company’s customers send Anderson’s designers an array of CAD files created in applications such as Pro/Engineer, Autodesk, UGS NX, and others. Anderson uses both KeyCreator and SolidWorks to create illustrations of products based on these files for use by the marketing and sales teams.

According to DeAngelis, KeyCreator users do not need to maintain several CAD products in order to reuse legacy data. “KeyCreator’s direct editing capabilities allow engineers and designers to edit features on imported models, manipulating the actual geometry, not the model construction steps, and dynamically discover features and edit them,” he says.

—David Greenfield, editorial director, Control Engineering dgreenfield@reedbusiness.com dgreenfield@reedbusiness.com