Kuka Controls’ RT device manager simplifies dual-OS applications

By Control Engineering Staff September 8, 2005
Kuka Controls’ real-time extension software enables Microsoft Windows XP and an RTOS to co-exist on one CPU without modification to either operating system for an open and stable solution.

Specializing in real-time extension software that allows combining the latest versions of Wind River VxWorks or Microsoft Windows CE and XP on the same processor, Kuka Controls has recently announced availability of Real-Time Device Manager (RTDM) with CeWin V3.3 and VxWin V3.1 real-time extension technology. RTDM simplifies device allocation in dual operating system applications.
RTDM is a utility designed to analyze and isolate interrupt request (IRQ) resources for real-time hardware. The powerful new tool reportedly identifies and automates assignment of hardware interrupts to the real-time operating system (RTOS) and resolves IRQ conflicts, greatly reducing the chance for operator error. Full RTDM functionality can be easily integrated into a third-party installation via documented libraries that are included, says Kuka.
VxWin and CeWin RT extensions enable coexistence of two operating systems on one computer, in part, by dividing PC memory so that either VxWorks or Windows CE and Windows XP, each execute in separate, protected memory areas. No modifications are made to either operating system. Developers can benefit from previous experience and existing code, while maintaining maximum flexibility.
RTDM is included with both VxWin and CeWin demonstration kits downloadable from www.kuka-controls.com . The free demos, available for a 30-day test period, offer the same functionality as the full versions.

Frank J. Bartos, executive editor, Control Engineering