LabView vision development module doubles measurement performance

Austin, TX—National Instruments has unveiled its new Vision 7 Development Module for LabView 7 Express, which helps engineers prototype, benchmark, and create advanced applications by giving them more than 80 different particle measurements that are reportedly two to 10 times faster than previous software versions.

By Control Engineering Staff July 17, 2003

Austin, TX— National Instruments ions, for example, engineers can choose from more than 80 different particle measurements that are now two to 10 times faster than previous software module versions.

Vision 7 includes an enhanced, menu-driven Vision Assistant for application prototyping. Engineers use Vision Assistant to prototype and benchmark their machine vision applications by experimenting with more than 200 different machine vision functions, including optical character recognition and bar code reading. With one mouse click, Vision Assistant generates code for LabView, LabView Real-Time, C and Visual Basic.

By adding the LabView Real-Time Module, engineers can also take advantage of time-bounded vision algorithms to develop deterministic, real-time machine vision applications that finish in a predetermined time. This function, combined with the new Compact Vision System, creates a deterministic and reliable system for packaging, assembly, robotics and inspection applications.

Long-awaited vision features for LabView’s users include a native, embedded image display for viewing images at full-frame rates on LabView’s front panel. LabView users can also acquire and decode color images from Bayer-encoded color cameras at full frame rates and save multiple images as compressed AVI movie files.

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