Level sensors for critical, sanitary packaging lines

Micropulse SF sensor family from Balluff provides absolute fill-level measurements for high-precision, sanitary filling applications.
By Peter Welander December 2, 2009
Balluff Micropulse for filling lines

Micropulse fill sensor application

The Micropulse SF fill level sensor from Balluff provides continuous, absolute fill-level measurement in applications that require adherence to the strictest standards of sanitation and cleanliness. The company says that sensors in a sanitary manufacturing facility must be cost effective, have minimum impact upon production, and must not compromise the cleanliness or quality of the product. To achieve that, these sensors are made from stainless steel and meet international hygiene standards and food industry requirements, including 3-A and EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering Design Group) sanitary standards.

Features include:

• Ability to compensate for surface foam to deliver reliable, accurate fill level values;
• Installation without adjustment;
• Suitable for clean in place (CIP) and sterilize in place (SIP) to 130 °C;
• Standard analog interface ensures wide controller compatibility and flexible installation; and
• International certifications ensure global acceptance.

Micropulse SF sensor

Micropulse SF sensor from Balluff

The Micropulse SF family uses magnetostrictive technology to provide precise fill level measurements without product contact. Its continuously-variable analog output signal allows for easy connection to control systems.


-Edited by Peter Welander, process industries editor, PWelander@cfemedia.com
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