London Underground using Wonderware’s application server to manage 150 stations

Lake Forest, CA—Wonderware reports that its industrial automation and information software was selected by Thales to provide station management systems at 150 London Underground stations.

By Control Engineering Staff May 17, 2005

Lake Forest, CA— Wonderware reports that its industrial automation and information software was selected by Thales to provide station management systems at 150 London Underground stations. These facilities are maintained by Metronet, which will use the systems to manage passenger communications and monitor the stations. Wonderware is a business unit of Invensys Systems Inc.

The $21.5-million contract between Thales and Atkins Rail will use Wonderware’s Industrial Application Server, which offers the simplicity of a component object-based approach to application development. The server is built on Invensys’ ArchestrA industrial automation and information software architecture, which enables the creation of objects and reuse of engineering and configuration. ArchestrA objects can be easily shared throughout the rail enterprise.

The station management system will also use Wonderware’s InTouch human-machine interface (HMI) software; IndustrialSQL Server real-time plant historian; ActiveFactory analysis and reporting software; and SuiteVoyager portal software to assist in managing and maintaining the stations on several Underground lines including Bakerloo, Central, Victoria, Waterloo and City, Metropolitan, District, Circle, and Hammersmith and City. These Wonderware products will work together to form a station management system in which the Industrial Application Server provides centralized management, common services, and a development environment.

‘Wonderware’s software applications are key components in the unified network of station management systems,’ says Stephen Hall, Metronet’s strategic program director. ‘These systems are an important part of our station modernization program. With the system incorporating Wonderware applications, along with our planned investment in new trains, track and signaling, we’re developing a world-class transportation system to fit the needs of our passengers well into the 21st century.’

Organizers add that the contract marks a significant first step in the renewal of key station assets and passenger information systems as part of the 30-year, $31.3-billion contract between the London Underground and Metronet in partnership with Atkins Rail.

‘With the implementation of Wonderware’s Industrial Application Server based on the highly scalable ArchestrA software architecture, Thales is laying a solid technology foundation for the future growth of the unified station management system,’ says Steve Garbrecht, Wonderware’s product marketing manager for Industrial Application Server. ‘The ArchestrA architecture will provide a technically advanced and flexible architecture that will enable the Underground rail system to expand its capabilities to meet existing and future needs.’

Each rail station management system is designed and developed by the Thales Services division, a company specializing in IT system integration. These systems enable operators to monitor and control station assets and communication equipment including help points, closed circuit televisions, elevators and escalators, public address systems, and passenger information displays. Each station management system includes industrial PCs, as well as networking and data acquisition equipment, which can be configured to suit the individual needs of each station. The rail station management systems are not associated with the rail emergency systems. The first installation is scheduled for August 2005.

‘Wonderware’s applications are valuable management tools which integrate all these vital station communications systems into a central computer at each location,’ says Richard Molloy, Atkins Rail’s Metro Unit director.

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IndustrialSQL Server historian will be used to acquire real-time station asset data. ActiveFactory data analysis and reporting software will be used in conjunction with the IndustrialSQL Server historian for trending and data analysis.

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