Low-energy process technology for industrial wastewater recycling

Linde releases small footprint Axenis solution for onsite wastewater treatment, reduced energy use.
July 29, 2009

Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has released it Axenis process technology solution, which the company claims is an environmentally sustainable water treatment process to turn industrial waste water into a reusable utility. According to Linde Gases, the high rate biological treatment stage process uses oxygen and air for optimum control, allowing for the cost-effective recycling of waste water to extremely high standards–up to potable quality.

Compared to conventional waste water treatment solutions, Linde claims its patented Axenis technology offers substantial cost savings across the industrial water lifecycle, including lower capital investment requirements and decreased energy costs (due to the system’s need for less power than air-based systems). The cost of sustainability related improvements are often a hindrance to existing facilities seeking retro-fittable water treatment solutions. The Axenis solution can be used in retrofit or green field sites.

The Axenis process technology allows for the treatment of waste water to be handled on-site, thereby eliminating the need to discharge waste water and the associated costs of paying an external water treatment company to dispose of it in compliance with statutory requirements. The higher bioreactor temperature used in the Axenis process increases membrane flux rates, which has the added benefit of reducing membrane surface area, making the unit extremely compact and saving on plant footprint.

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