Magnetic-drive regenerative blowers for boosting natural gas pressure

Ametek Dynamic Fluid Solutions' (DFS) Rotron MD101 magnetic-drive regenerative blowers are designed to boost natural gas pressure for a wide range of manufacturing operations as well as gas, vapor, and fume recovery and solid material transport.

By Ametek Dynamic Fluid Solutions May 27, 2016

Ametek Dynamic Fluid Solutions’ (DFS) Rotron MD101 magnetic-drive regenerative blowers are designed to boost natural gas pressure for a wide range of manufacturing operations. Ametek has three standard types of Rotron regenerative blowers: IN blowers for industrial use, CP chemical processing blowers and EN environmental blowers. All of the blowers employ regenerative air technology for ensuring proper air pressures and vacuums for the boost function but without the higher energy and maintenance costs associated with larger, multi-stage or positive, air-displacement blowers and compressors.

The blowers are hermetically sealed using a magnetically coupled design that eliminates leaks further enhancing pump reliability and durability. Rotron blowers feature clean, oil-free and maintenance-free operation. The blowers are made with rugged cast aluminum housings, impellers and covers. All models are customizable for particular application requirements.

Along with biogas and natural gas boosting, applications for the blowers include gas, vapor and fume recovery; solid material transport, separation and collection; parts blow-off and drying; and solution and media agitation and aeration. For natural gas and biogas applications, ¼ horsepower HP TEFC and XP (explosion-proof) motors are standard. Users may upgrade and/or optimize blower motors for chemical duty, high-efficiency operation, inverter duty and/or industry-specific applications. 

Ametek Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) 

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