Make your opinion count: Help AMR Research identify the world’s best-performing supply chains

AMR Research encourages any supply chain professional employed by a manufacturer or retailer to apply to be a peer voter in its annnual Supply Chain Top 25 ranking.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff December 14, 2007

The Supply Chain Top 25 is an annual ranking published by AMR Research that calls out those large manufacturers and retailers that display superior performance, capabilities, and leadership.
The 2008 list will be published at the end of May.
AMR’s goal is to elevate the profile and influence of the supply chain profession, keep open debate and discussion going, and foster best-practice sharing.
The scoring for the Top 25 is comprised of a financial component (60 percent of the total score); and an opinion component (40 percent of the total score).
The voting portion is a simple Web form that takes about 15 minutes and will be administered at the end of March.
To register to vote, or for more information on how the voting panel works, please visit: