Manufacturing becomes more valuable when integrated with the retail value chain, says Lansa

Lansa Data Sync Direct integrated with Oracle Product Information Management, provides manufacturers with robust, scalable product information management with certified GDSN synchronization.

December 16, 2009

Optimizing the supply-side Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) became easier, Lansa said, with integration of Lansa Data Sync Direct with Oracle Product Information Management. Lansa provides a certified GDSN-based Item Data Synchronization solution with multiple data pools including the most heavily utilized data pools and destinations such as 1SYNC (USA, Netherlands, any international location) and CABASnet (Latin America), the company said. Lansa Data Sync Direct can communicate with any GDSN Certified data pool (SA2, Parangon, AECOC, Sinfos, Syncfonia, etc.) providing open messaging. (Read more below about how it’s applied, mandates, and wider adoption, along with related resources from MBT…)

Lansa Data Sync Direct – ERP integration

How it’s applied : Many manufacturers use Oracle Product Hub solutions to have a central product mastering system integrated to fragmented internal environments such as ERP, CRM, PLM and legacy systems. As a result, they can maintain an accurate and enriched single "source of truth" for all product data that needs to be shared with retailers, Lansa said. The integration between Oracle Product Hub and LANSA Data Sync Direct gives suppliers access to item information already stored in their Oracle Product Hub and securely sends it to data pools to comply with retailer requests for exchanging item information via the GDSN, according to Lansa.
Item and price data for retailer mandates
: Oracle Vice President, PLM and PIM Product Strategy, Hardeep Gulati said, "GDSN-based accurate data synchronization has delivered substantial efficiencies in the retail value chain. Although Oracle already provides a GDSN solution for retailers, the integration between Oracle Product Information Management and LANSA Data Sync Direct creates a solution for suppliers and manufacturers to synchronize item and price data. As a result, our joint customers will now be able to get the robust scalable product mastering solution integrated with a leading data sync solution to meet retailer mandates."
Jeff Holzman, LANSA’s director of solution products, said there’s a competitive advantage with integration into 1SYNC and other GDSN certified data pools, so manufacturers to synchronize their item information with global trading partners.
Wider adoption of GDSN expected
: Ruben Castano, 1SYNC director of business development, added, "1SYNC has had a longstanding relationship with both companies, and many of the trading partners within the 1SYNC community are using Lansa Data Sync Direct today. We foresee the combined offering of these respected organizations as having a positive influence on the continued adoption of GDSN."
LANSA is a member in the Oracle PartnerNetwork.
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