Many participants in wind power technology

Wind power suppliers: There is a large community of manufacturers and developers whose scope of supply ranges from complete wind turbine systems to hardware and software components and to numerous auxiliary subsystems that make up a wind farm. See list, photos, links.

By Frank J. Bartos, PE August 10, 2011

Electric power generation from wind energy is a relatively young but growing industry. In some parts of the world it has shown remarkable growth. Looking ahead, realities of market economics and political issues may not support the same continued growth—at least in some parts of the world.

This article updates the original one posted on CE’s Web site in August 2009. (Link to that and many related wind turbine articles below, including videos.)

The focus here is on direct-drive (DD) wind turbine technology that eliminates the gearbox from the drivetrain (see August 2011 CE article on DD wind turbines linked below).

The following is a selected listing of supplier companies to the multimegawatt (MW) wind turbine market. Only DD turbine offerings are listed, but all companies in the first table also make geared turbines, with the exception of Enercon GmbH. The list is not comprehensive—and does not include turbine erection or maintenance services.

 Suppliers of Large Wind Turbines (>1 MW)



HQ Location

Direct-Drive (Gearless)

Turbine Offering

Acciona Energy





New generation offshore 6 MW

Prototype 2011

Serial production 2014

Clipper Windpower



DeWind *





Gearless turbines only

5 models in 2-3 MW range

E-126 rated 7.5 MW




GE Energy


GE (4.1-113)            4.1 MW     offshore optimized

Mitsubishi Power Systems





N150/6000                6 MW

Prototype 2012-13

Serial production 2014

Northern Power Systems


NPS 2.3                  2.3 MW

Siemens Energy


SWT-2.3-113          2.3 MW

SWT-3.0-101             3 MW 

SWT-6.0-120             6 MW

Prototype 2011-13

Serial production 2014 for 6 MW

STX Windpower




STX 82        1.5 MW, 2 MW

STX 93                      2 MW

Suzlon Energy






Windtec **



*   part of Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co. Ltd.

** subsidiary of American Superconductor Corp.

Suppliers of Subsystems/Components for Large Wind Turbines


Technology/Products Offered



Variable-frequency drives (VFDs); converters; induction and PM synchronous generators; transformers; switchgear

American Superconductor

Power converters;

control systems


Bachmann electronic GmbH

Controllers; condition monitoring systems; grid measurement and monitoring modules

Beckhoff Automation

PC-based controls;

I/O terminals; wind farm networking

Bosch Rexroth

Pitch and yaw drives (electromechanical and hydraulic); yaw and drivetrain brake systems 

Cooper Power Systems

Software for power trans-mission/distribution analysis; transformers; distribution switchgear

Dataforth Corp.

Signal conditioners for a variety of sensors; fiber-optic communication modules

Eaton Corp.

Hydraulic pitch control systems; hydraulic rotor brake control; remote condition monitoring

Moog Inc.

Electric and hydraulic blade-pitch control; brush slip rings; fiber-optic remote rotor monitoring


National Instruments

Hardware/software for pitch/yaw control; turbine condition monitoring (blade, generator)


Parker Hannifin Corp.

Rotor brake components; pitch systems; power control/inverter modules

The Switch Controls & Converters

PM synchronous and other generators;

full-power converters

Frank J. Bartos, PE, is a Control Engineering contributing content specialist. Reach him at