MapleSim Connectivity Toolbox exports models into Simulink

MapleSoft offers software that helps users export MapleSim models into The MathWorks' Simulink simulation tool.

By Control Engineering Staff March 26, 2009

On the heels of the release of its MapleSim product,te a simulation that is fast enough for use in real-time applications.

The new tool helps engineers enhance and extend their Simulink models.Source: Maplesoft

The MathWorks’ Simulink is a tool for modeling, simulating, and analyzing multi-domain dynamic systems. With tight integration with the rest of

MapleSim is a multi-domain modeling and simulation tool developed by Maplesoft. MapleSim generates model equations, runs simulations, and performs analyses using the symbolic and numeric mathematical engine of MapleSim. Models are created by dragging-and-dropping components from a library into a central workspace.

For many years, The MathWorks had resold Maplesoft’s Maple engine under the product names Symbolic Math Toolbox and Extended . In June 2008, Maplesoft announced the partnership was changing and that made available for purchase globally in December 2008 .

“The MapleSim Connectivity Toolbox allows engineers to construct their models in shorter time and with less effort,” said Laurent Bernardin, chief scientist and vice president of research and development, Maplesoft.

MapleSim is now available in a Japanese edition. Source: Maplesoft

Separately, Maplesoft announced that MapleSim is now available in a Japanese edition. Said Jim Cooper, president and CEO of Maplesoft, “Japan is a critical and fast growing market for us, and MapleSim’s undeniable value proposition will allow engineers there to take advantage of a technology that will supercharge the modeling and simulation process of engineering projects.”

– Renee Robbins , senior editor Control Engineering News Desk

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