May blog postings for Standard profits: Make2Pack and ISA88

Links follow. Discussions include a new model diagram, use of XML schemas, another technology demonstration to illustrate the concepts, and recipe control.
By Control Engineering Staff May 31, 2008

Oak Brook, IL – Links to May 2008 blog postings for “Standard profits: Make2Pack and ISA88” follow. Discussions include a new model diagram, use of XML schemas, another technology demonstration to illustrate the concepts, and recipe control.

The blog was created to help committee members increase dialog about, completion of, interest in, and use of WBF Make2Pack ISA-88 Part 5. Join in with your comments or questions to help the standard along, on your way to gaining competitive advantage. The standards effort aims to streamline information flow from continuous or batch processes through discrete operations, such as packaging and other machine control operations.

Related efforts have reduced overall costs by half, easing system integration, and making changes and upgrades much easier. Blogger David A. Chappell, Make2Pack chair, and other ISA88 Part 5 committee members provide intelligence and specific links for this effort, spanning OMAC, WBF, and ISA standards efforts. The blog includes ability to comment and to receive email when there’s a new posting.

A bit follows on Chappell’s May postings, with links to read more. Many postings include diagrams and photos.

Make2Pack plastic surgery, name change, new, improved, gets more stains out!
As the Make2Pack group continues to make progress forward (we hope it is in a forward direction!), we have made some cosmetic and nomenclature changes to the “Shell” concept that we have been developing as seen in the “Old Shell” figure, prior to the April Dayton Make2Pack meeting. The diagram shows….

We’re talking about XML schemas, not a scheme
While a “scheme” sounds a little shifty as if someone might be up to no good, an XML (eXtensible markup language) schema might do a lot of good in providing a physical translation among the ISA88 Part 5 models under discussion….

Magic dust demo, coordination control, ISA88 Part 1
A recent tutorial about OMAC’s PackML state model and the Make2Pack effort to develop the next installment, Part 5, of the ISA88 series of standards. A technology demonstration (see photos) showed how a Make2Pack prototype conveyor, helps with what ISA88 defines as equipment coordination control. Often referred to as “Magic Dust.” Coordination control is mentioned throughout ISA88 Part 1 [now under revision, even as Part 5 is being drafted] and….

What is Recipe Control?
ISA88 devotes quite a bit to “Equipment Control.” Even with all that has been created in the ISA88 series, the need to add more clarity has lead to the Part 5 Make2Pack effort. The Make2Pack area of scope focuses only on equipment control and where instructions from the Recipe Phase initiate the Equipment Control to carry out the Equipment Task Strategy to satisfy the intent of the Recipe Phase. No where that I can find ….

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