Measure high temperature liquid flows with Coriolis accuracy

By Control Engineering Staff August 17, 2006

New Micro Motion product family pushes temperature limits with Coriolis measuring technology. The series reports rugged construction with heat-tolerant components to withstand operating temperatures to 800 °F (427 °C) possibly making it the highest rated temperature Coriolis flowmeters available.

High temperature process fluids limit the options for flow sensor technology, generally eliminating the most precise methods. These new models extend the availability of Coriolis-based systems, with their typically high accuracy, into applications that were not previously possible, including:

High-temperature custody transfer applications. Having a highly accurate meter where only lower-accuracy technology was available before eliminates over- and under- billing customers or suppliers.

High-temperature petrochemical processing, refining, and upstream oil and gas processing. Improved meter performance helps optimize mass balance and processes, resulting in reduced costs, improved finished product yields, and reduced scrap.

The new extreme temperature Micro Motion Coriolis meters are part of Emerson’s range of intelligent, digital field devices.

—Control Engineering Daily News Desk

Peter Welander , process industries editor