Mechanical design software enhances review, security functions

By Control Engineering Staff June 19, 2006

San Rafael , CA —Autodesk Inc. announced support for a more streamlined, accelerated and secure design review process while using Autodesk Inventor 3D mechanical design software.

The DWF Extension addresses a number of customer requirements, including improved flexibility and control to publish selected Autodesk Inventor 3D model representations, 2D drawing sheets, presentations files and other important information.

  • Round-trip mark-up capabilities that enable Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD software users to overlay DWF markups directly onto drawings, edit, and republish design changes for verification;

  • File aggregation capabilities to create one DWF file to share;

  • Ability to publish step-by-step assembly instructions that accompany an animation; and

  • Ability to create and publish Bills of Materials that contain structured, critical information for manufacturing and purchasing.

Autodesk Inventor 11 DWF Extension is released in conjunction with the launch of Autodesk Design Review (formerly known as Autodesk DWF Composer software) and is available to subscription customers of Autodesk Inventor 11 software products. For more information or instructions to download the extension, visit: .

— Control Engineering News Desk , Renee Robbins , Information Control Editor