MES for hybrid manufacturing industries

GE Digital's user interface of its plant applications manufacturing execution system (MES) solution are designed for hybrid manufacturing industries.

By GE Digital July 1, 2017

GE Digital has announced a major release of its plant applications manufacturing execution system (MES) solution for hybrid manufacturing industries, designed to manage highly automated production processes. This version features a user interface, using GE’s UX design, to better enable operations staff to analyze equipment effectiveness and identify root causes of downtime. The first phase of the plant applications user interface enhancement makes it easier for plant personnel to use MES systems in their day-to-day work. The solution benefits manufacturers by supporting their initiatives to increase production efficiency by improving manufacturing visibility and eliminating manufacturing bottlenecks; ensuring product safety and quality by providing highly granular track-and-trace and product genealogy; and improving yield and reducing waste by tracking and monitoring product and process quality within the context of production events.

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