MES: WEB 2.0 functionality updates SAP

By Control Engineering Staff April 12, 2007
Developers can build company-specific user interfaces from existing SAP transactions with a click-drag-and-drop editor—and without ABAP or Java coding.

IT managers can now quickly create customized user interfaces from existing SAP transactions, and expose those applications through Web browsers on any computer. The functionality, which enhances mainstream SAP graphical user interface (GUI) technology with Web 2.0 portal technology, is available from the GuiXT Fuzion product from Synactive Software Components .

‘In line with SAP’s NetWeaver Web strategy, we made the power of customized SAP applications available on any desktop in the enterprise, and on any computer within the supply chain or distribution channel,’ explained Synactive CEO Thomas Ewe. ‘GuiXT Fuzion offers instant Web access for customized, streamlined, and simplified SAP applications, with zero footprint on the user’s computer, and zero installation or maintenance of desktop software.’

According to Synactive, creating new iViews for SAP Portal is as easy as creating a new URL. ‘Our customers now have one customization tool across all of SAP: from SAP GUI to mobile to Web,’ said Ewe.

‘GuiXT Fuzion has dramatically improved the Web interface and functionality available to our customers and sales agents, while significantly reducing the development complexity and timeline,’ said Drew Doyle, IT director of John Maneely Co., a Synactive client. ‘We can now rapidly roll-out additional functionality using GuiXT Fuzion without having to develop our own complicated iViews.’

Custom iViews can combine multiple standard SAP screens, eliminating redundant or unused input fields, and replace obscure jargon and TCODES with familiar industry and company terminology. With a simplified and streamlined iView, enterprises can reduce user training costs and prevent expensive data entry mistakes. According to Ewe, enterprises that have used Synactive’s existing GuiXT product have achieved financial payback in as little as six months.

Ewe contends that GuiXT Fuzion is ‘100% compatible’ with all versions of mySAP ERP. Built on Synactive’s GuiXT product, which is reportedly used by more than 400 enterprises worldwide to tailor SAP’s user interface, GuiXT Fuzion enables IT developers to build company-specific user interfaces from existing SAP transactions with a click-drag-and-drop editor—and without ABAP or Java coding.

Synactive publicly demonstrated GuiXT Fuzion, a NetWeaver Certified hosted application, at the SAP NetWeaver Conference in Las Vegas in March 2007.

Synactive was founded in 1998 by two engineers who played prominent roles in the development of the ABAP programming language and JavaGUI for SAP AG. The company’s flagship product, GuiXT, was developed in close cooperation with SAP, and was selected by SAP as a component of its Complimentary Software Program. According to the company, more than 400 enterprises worldwide use Synactive to customize their SAP user interfaces to achieve better organizational performance.

—Edited by Renee Robbins , Control Engineering editorial director
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