Microvision’s Bluetooth Flic Laser barcode scanner integrated with BlackBerry wireless handhelds

Microvision Inc. reports that its application development partner, Infinite Peripherals, has created an application interface that integrates the Flic Cordless laser barcode scanner with Research in Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry wireless handhelds.

By Control Engineering Staff March 3, 2005

Microvision Inc . reports that its application development partner, Infinite Peripherals , has created an application interface that integrates the Flic Cordless laser barcode scanner with Research in Motion ‘s (RIM) BlackBerry wireless handhelds. The new capability developed by Infinite offers out-of-the-box barcode scanning from any Bluetooth-enabled RIM BlackBerry.

Introduced under private label from Infinite, Microvision’s Bluetooth Flic barcode scanner can integrate with a variety of data collection software applications on the BlackBerry platform. Data can then be transferred in real time to a corporate database by using the Blackberry’s wireless capabilities.

The Flic Bluetooth barcode scanner and application interface from Infinite can enable field-force solutions using BlackBerry devices. Some applications include sales force automation, route accounting and inventory for packaged goods companies, mobile technician record keeping and job invoicing, and building and construction site security.

“The Microvision Bluetooth Flic barcode product provides us with a simple and extremely affordable scanning solution for our customers,” said Jeff Scott, Infinite Peripherals’ sales and marketing director. “As we are committed to giving our customers access to the peripherals they need for their BlackBerry wireless handhelds, our customers now can have many choices for barcode scanning, ranging from the Microvision Bluetooth scanner to our combined printer, scanner, and magstripe reader.”

Tom Sanko, Microvision’s marketing VP, adds that, “We’re extremely pleased with Infinite Peripherals’ application interface design to seamlessly integrate the Bluetooth Flic scanner with the BlackBerry handheld platform. With approximately 2 million BlackBerry devices currently in use, we anticipate the Bluetooth Flic scanner may become a very popular peripheral component in bundled solutions for this growing market. Compared to barcode scanning engines that are embedded into mobile devices, our Flic Bluetooth scanner is an inexpensive, simple, and battery-saving alternative for third-party developers, application providers, mobile device hardware providers, and companies with mobile field forces. “

—Jim Montague, news editor, Control Engineering, jmontague@reedbusiness.com