Microwave/RF assembly calculator for PCs, tablets, smartphones

Gore's Microwave/RF Assembly Calculator is designed to calculate insertion loss, VSWR, and other parameters for different cable types and features an online interface that can be used on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

By W.L. Gore & Associates January 23, 2015

Gore’s Microwave/RF Assembly Calculator is designed to calculate insertion loss, VSWR, and other parameters for different cable types. The main calculator section enables the user to select a market and category from the dropdowns to view cable types and their specs. The user then enters data in fields for frequency, length, temperature and altitude to narrow the results in the main cable types table. The multiple cable review tool allows the user to select up to three cables to be compared on a single, detailed results screen. The calculator includes a conversions page that has most of the everyday conversions including distance, frequency, power, temperature, VSWR/return loss, and weight. A glossary is also included that features explanations for many of the terms used in the online calculator. The online interface features can be used on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

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