Military goes solar

By Control Engineering Staff February 9, 2006

Las Vegas, NV — Powered by Renewables Corp. (PBR) will partner with Maryland-based SunEdison LLC to develop what’s reportedly the world’s largest solar photovoltaic (PV) project in Clark County, Nevada. The 18 MW project almost doubles what is currently the world’s largest PV project—at 10MW—situated in Germany.

PBR and SunEdison will develop a total of 36 MW of PV projects in Nevada—enough energy to power 36,000 homes. Construction is expected to begin in July and at other sites in early 2007. “I’m really pleased that PBR and SunEdison are teaming up to develop a world-class solar project using Nevada’s unrivaled solar resources,” said Nevada’s U.S. Senator, Harry Reid. “These are the kinds of ventures we hope to repeat across the West, and the nation, as part of our drive for energy independence by 2020.”

The proposed project will be privately owned and operated, with the U.S. military intending to purchase electricity from the project. ”Energy independence is an important strategy for our military,” said Tim Carlson, PBR’s president.

Projects developed by PBR and SunEdison will help reduce the state’s annual $3-billion energy deficit, increase energy security, reduce energy-related emissions, and diversify Nevada’s economy.

”The PBR-SunEdison partnership is one good example of what our state and, in fact, our nation needs in the important development of renewable resources,” said Roberto Denis, senior vice president, Generation and Energy Supply, Sierra Pacific Resources. “Our Nevada Power utility intends to purchase renewable energy credits from this project for several decades and we are pleased to participate as our state continues to play a leadership role in the expanding field of renewable energy.”

Richard Phelps , senior editor, Control Engineering