Miniature infrared temperature sensor series

By Control Engineering Staff August 17, 2006

New temperature sensor provides fast, accurate temperature readings without contact. The Rayomatic 6 infrared temperature sensor from E Instruments Group measures surface temperatures from–12 to 932 °F with optical resolution of 6:1 (180 mm @ 1000 mm).

E Instruments expects that this series will replace many functions currently using portable devices, thanks to its small size and low cost. With a response time of 300 msec, it can measure items moving on a conveyor as well as a static subjects. Using smart microcontroller technology, accuracy is

Installation is simple with its IP65 (NEMA 4) enclosure. Output is linear mV or TCs analog with emissivity, response time and measuring range configurable from a PC.

—Control Engineering Daily News Desk

Peter Welander , process industries editor