Miniature linear positioner and ultrasonic piezomotor

The U-521 miniature linear positioner from Physik Instrumente (PI) is driven by patented ultrasonic ceramic motors.

By Physik Instrumente (PI) May 21, 2016

The U-521 miniature linear positioner from Physik Instrumente (PI) is designed to provide motion with high resolution, as well as a wide dynamic range in speed. A significant advantage over magnetic drive technologies is the self-locking principle: once the motor reaches a target position, it acts like a ceramic brake and locks the platform into place providing extreme long term stability at zero driving current and heat generation. The U-521 also features a compact linear stage with dimensions of 35 × 35 ×15 mm. The compact design allows easy integration, even when space is limited.

In addition to the high speed up to 200 mm/sec, the low inertia allows for a very dynamic start-stop behavior with settling times in the milliseconds. An integrated optical linear encoder provides position feedback with 100 nm resolution. Higher resolution versions are available for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Typical application fields can be found in industry and research, automatic micromanipulation, positioning of samples or when adjusting optical components, such as objectives and camera lenses. Vacuum-compatible versions are also available. The linear stage is complemented by a number of miniaturized closed-loop rotary stages with diameters from 20 to 50 mm.

Physik Instrumente (PI) 

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