Modular rotary position feedback system

RSF Elektronik's MSR 40 modular rotary position feedback system allows machine designers to quickly measure angles on larger rotary axes and is suited for machines that require motion feedback.

By RSF Elektronik December 18, 2014

RSF Elektronik’s MSR 40 modular rotary position feedback system allows machine designers to quickly measure angles on larger rotary axes. The MSR 40 optical kit style encoder provides a 200-micron grating pitch on a steel tape that has three ways of being applied to the axis of motion. The MSR 40 is designed for machines that require motion feedback for a full 360 deg or a segment thereof. The MSR 40 is available with a diameter of 150 to 1,150 mm.

All measuring tape versions of this encoder have a +/- 30 micron per meter accuracy associated with the circumference of tape. The MOR version tape requires a small pocket to be milled from the axis in order to accommodate a clamping mechanism which ensures accuracy over the joint of the measuring tape ends. The MER version has small plastic tubes on the back of the measuring tape as a supporting structure and the measuring tape can be screwed together to complete a full 360 measurement. The MKS version of tape is a segment with an adhesive and is pre-bent to the diameter to ensure long lasting quality of measurement. Common applications for the MSR 40 include medical technology, general automation, textiles, and auxiliary axes in machine tool and metrology.

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