More than 100 new B&R products get UL certification

The automation components went through strict safety inspections, including temperature and high voltage "stress tests," among others.
By Renee Robbins September 11, 2009

More than 100 new automation products from B&R went through a strict framework of acceptance tests by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the USA. The numerous stress tests included temperature and high voltage tests, and simulation of technical defects on components. In addition to meeting all criteria for UL compliant construction, the new automation components distinguish themselves through a high level of durability even in the harshest operating conditions.

B&R product line

New B&R automation components have been UL certified.

For example, thanks to a cleverly designed cooling concept, new servo drives offer a great deal of construction freedom: Cold plate mounting is available, in addition to wall- and feed-through mounting. This cooling concept saves money and guarantees the highest level of reliability even in harsh conditions.

The newly listed X20 SafeIO modules also provide top performance and high reliability in harsh industrial environments. These modules are characterized by a high resistance to failures under increased operating loads, and can be used for centralized or decentralized tasks.

"With successful UL certification of all new products, B&R guarantees that their customers are provided high-quality products that meet all of the criteria placed on robust industrial components," said a spokesman. A complete list of products is available online.

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– Edited by Renee Robbins, senior editor
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