Motion control associations complete merger

The Motion Control Association (MCA) and SMMA – the Motor & Motion Association have completed a merger that combines the two trade groups and will be called the Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA) going forward.

By Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA) June 30, 2015

The Motion Control Association (MCA) and SMMA – the Motor & Motion Association have completed a merger that combines the two trade groups serving the global motion control and motor industry. As a result of the merger, the group will be called is the Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA). 

MCMA is part of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) based in Ann Arbor, Mich. A3 is the umbrella group for MCMA, the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), and AIA – the vision and imaging association. Combined, MCMA, RIA, and AIA represent more than 850 automation technology companies throughout the world.

SMMA was founded in 1975 and served motor and motion control manufacturers, material suppliers to those manufacturers, as well as consultants and academia. SMMA was successfully managed for the last 38 years by Betsy and Bill Chambers, who have recently retired. The MCA began in 2006 and served motion control and motor manufacturers, distributors, system integrators, end users and affiliates. Combined, the new MCMA serves the full supply chain from material suppliers to manufacturers to distribution channels to end users.

The permanent magnet division (PMD) of SMMA is now part of MCMA. This group specifically promotes the understanding and use of magnetic materials, assemblies and systems and is a very active part of the association.

The Electric Motor Education & Research Foundation (EMERF), a non-profit charitable foundation launched and managed by SMMA, will now be managed by MCMA. EMERF funds education, research and technology transfer in cooperation with academic, private research and governmental organizations.

Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA) 

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