My American Jobs: New organization set to offer manufacturing certification for American companies using U.S.-based materials, components

Tiered certification now is offered for American-produced goods that contain 50 percent to 100 percent U.S.-made materials.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff February 14, 2009

Newly launched My American Jobs will roll out a standardized manufacturing certification process. The new organization seeks to help overcome the economically damaging behaviors of importing foreign materials and outsourcing American jobs.

My American Jobs will partner with manufacturers and various patriotic, consumer, manufacturing, and worker organizations to establish responsible purchasing habits across the U.S.

“We wanted to provide a way for consumers to make educated purchasing decisions that ensure America’s economic stability as well as the growth and longevity of American jobs. Patriotic purchasing has moved beyond a grassroots-driven show of force to an economic necessity,” says Bryan Aldridge, CEO, My American Jobs.

The My American Jobs certification is a voluntary manufacturing certification process that helps American companies build market share through patriotic purchasing and manufacturing habits. Under development is an Internet network to provide consumers with instant access to certified American products, their manufacturers, and retailers.

“The economic future of the United States lies squarely on the shoulders of American manufacturers, workers, and consumers. When you purchase a foreign-made hammer you employ 20 foreign workers. When you buy a hammer made in America with American made components you employ 20 of your family, friends, neighbors, and fellow countrymen,” Aldridge concludes.