New 8- and 16-bit MRAM devices for industrial, aerospace

Everspin Technologies expands MRAM products line with byte-wide and small footprint BGA package options, good for most battery-backed SRAM and non-volatile RAM applications.

By Control Engineering Staff December 6, 2008

Chandler, AZ Everspin Technologies new byte-wide and small footprint ball grid array (BGA) MRAM productstrial, automotive, aerospace applications, as well as computer and consumer.
Context : This is an important developing technology story for embedded controls engineers.e announcement is a major expansion of the product line that will make MRAM useful for a wider range of applications.
Technology : Everspin’s MRAM“instant-on” capability and power loss protection in many classes of electronic devices over a wide temperature range. 
Perspective : Semiconductor International provides additional context about the announcement and some photos: Everspin Takes MRAM Up a Notch .
“We measure progress of the industry’s emerging memory technology programs based on who is ready to take orders and deliver products today, and MRAM is still clearly in the lead,” said Bob Merritt, partner at Convergent Semiconductors. “Specifically, Everspin’s MRAM continues to lead the industry and their latest byte-wide and BGA products extend their lead into a larger portion of the memory market.”
Everspin’s two new 8-bit wide MRAM products are ideal memory companions for 8-bit microprocessors and application specific standard products (ASSP) like RAID-on-Chip used in storage systems and computer servers. Everspin also offers a new 48-pin BGA package option for
“We are committed to expanding our MRAM product portfolio and making the advantages of MRAM available to additional customers,” said Dr. Saied Tehrani, Everspin’s chief operating officer. “Our new byte-wide MRAM products position us to capture existing and future designs in key applications such as computer storage systems, while our new BGA products save board area in compact consumer and computer products designs.”
MR2A08 and MR0A08 MRAM devices : The 4Mbit MR2A08 MRAM and 1Mbit MR0A08 MRAM are both 3.3-volt devices featuring 35-ns read/write cycle times with unlimited endurance. The MR2A08 asynchronous memory device is organized as 512K words by 8 bits, and the MR0A08 is organized as 128K words by 8 bits. Industry-standard SRAM timing enables easy connection to existing microcontroller and system designs. The devices are housed in 44-pin TSOP Type II or 48-pin BGA packages, which are both fully RoHS-compliant, and are available in commercial and industrial temperature versions.
About the MR2A16 MRAM BGA :t and timing enables easy connection to existing microcontroller and systems designs. 
Pricing :0K quantities is $14.25 each.
Everspin Technologies is at .

– Edited by  C.G. Masi , senior editor, and Mark T. Hoske, editor in chief
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