New absolute encoders better enable customization

Sick introduces programmable singleturn, multiturn units.
By Renee Robbins October 8, 2009

Sick announced new AFS Singleturn and AFM Multiturn absolute encoders with SSI (synchronous serial interface) output. These compact encoders are said to be ideal for applications that require precise and reliable position accuracy in robotic, mobile vehicle, packaging and general manufacturing environments.

The AFS60 singleturn version can be programmed to accommodate any value from 1 to 262,144 counts per revolution-something the company contends no other encoder can do.


Sick’s AFS programmable singleturn and multiturn absolute encoders address robotic, mobile vehicle, packaging and general manufacturing applications.

Sick high-resolution absolute encoders provide 18 bit resolutions on the AFS60, and 30 bit resolutions on the AFM60. This fact helps customers reduce the number of encoders needed in inventory, and enables the user to create custom resolutions at the click of a button. These encoders also feature a new bearing design and metal code disc that extends the life of each encoder, helping to reduce replacement costs.

Sick manufactures sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for industrial applications, and holds nearly 450 patents.

– Edited by Renee Robbins, senior editor
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