New magnetic flowmeter family aims at water and wastewater markets

ABB Instrumentation has launched a new range of magnetic flowmeters, from small to huge, optimized for water and suited for underground use.

By Peter Welander August 18, 2009

The new WaterMaster family falls under the larger FlowMaster group from ABB and is designed with advanced features and functionality specifically aimed at water and wastewater applications. The group has a large size offering, from 1.5 to 84 in., to cover the range used in utility installations.

ABB says that for popular sizes up to 8 in., the new unit incorporates an innovative octagonal sensor design. This improves flow profile and reduces up- and downstream straight piping requirements. Advanced signal filtering for the WaterMaster magmeter also improves measurement accuracy by reducing fluid and electrode noise.

Features that utilities should find particularly useful include robust construction with submersible IP68 and NEMA 6P enclosures, so the units can withstand flooded environments and even be buried. Installation can be as simple as excavating to the underground pipe, fitting the sensor, cabling to the transmitter, and then backfilling the hole.

The backlit, graphical display can be rotated through 270°, allowing field teams to customize display orientation to best fits their needs. Through-the-glass control permits operators to input data for all user-specific parameters in the field.

Each meter in the family has a self-calibrating transmitter that ABB says is the first of its kind. The process enables the meter to calibrate itself every 45 seconds without interruption to the flow measurement. Moreover, transmitters do not need to be matched to a given sensor.

The standard HART protocol enables online modification and monitoring of parameters, combined with digital signal processing that enables real-time measurements for maximum reliability. Alarms and warnings are classified in accordance with NAMUR NE107. The meter is verified to OIML R49 type P requirements and the low end of the accuracy range also follows OIML standards. All ABB flowmeters are designed and manufactured in accordance with international quality procedures (ISO 9001) and are calibrated on NIST-traceable calibration rigs to provide the end-user with complete assurance of both quality and performance.

-Edited by Peter Welander, process industries editor,,
Control Engineering Process Instrumentation & Sensors Monthly
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