New microdrives offer ac or dc choice

By Control Engineering Staff May 1, 2000

Cleveland, O. -SP120 and DC3 microdrives enhance variable-speed control of low-power ac and dc motors, respectively. Small but full featured, SP120 (photo) covers ac motors rated 1/4-1 hp (at 115 V input) and 1/4-5 hp (at 230 V input). Features include two analog inputs (0-10 V dc/4-20 mA) for speed and PID control, 15 preset speeds, two accel/decel ramps, and three-wire control. The operator panel features four LED displays and a manual speed pot. DC3 family of drives handles dc motors from fractional to 2 hp. Eight models are available among regen/nonregen types, several packaging styles, and enclosures (NEMA 1/4X/12).

Rockwell Automation, Reliance Electric